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NORDPLUS 2                         

What do I want to do in the future?  How can I do it?  Where can I learn that?  What kind of money can I make in the future?  Will I support a family on that amount?  
Will I be rich? Questions questions questions!  We have so many questions!
So this year we put together a beautiful project with neighboring counties Latvia, Lithunia, and Norway.
Our goal is to learn about occupations, to learn about what we can do when we grow up, and to learn about eachother.         
Look at most countries in Europe, they have millions and millions of people to do work and go to school, and learn new trades.
Look at the Baltics and at Scandinavia, we have very few people, and we also have a huge difference in income!  It is important for neighbors to learn about all this and learn!   
We have been to Lithuania, Lativa, and Norway, and they have all visited us.


We’ve done Scotland!  We had planned to continue.  ( what tense is that ? ) 
Well the truth is that our cheap flight from Tallinn to Edinburgh does not exist anymor.  It is a shame!  With all the English we learn at vabakool, it would be quite normal for us to go and practice.  We did have a grand time in 2011 though!
This year it is off to CROATIA!


This is the most most important of our activities!  This is where we have the opportunity to get together and learn, demonstrate, and exhibit! 
In 2011 we had we had our first and most amazing experience.  It started with a very small idea of inviting a couple of friend schools to make a school camp!  We had schools from Denmark, Lativa, and Poland join our Estonian students in a great week of fun!  Sculpting, painting, sewing.......and of course fun and games at night!
This is a great opportunity for kids from all nations to come together, get to know eachother and eachothers cultures.  To learn, show off their talents and stay in touch!  Perhaps you will meet up in the future again!.